Precoat quality, performance and value advantages
About Precoat Technology
There are many different water treatment technologies that address different
water quality needs. When it comes to filtration, Everpure's precoat process
provides better protection against contaminants.
Precoat filtration reduces off-tastes and odors and removes 99.99% of all
particles as small as ½ micron in size. This patented technology offers the
largest filtering surface area, a long filter life, and protection against
undetectable failures such as channeling and dumping.
A typical 10" carbon block filter has a surface area of 78.5 square inches.  
The surface area of a pleated membrane in a 10" Everpure precoat filter is 444
square inches. That's 5.6 times more surface area
A heavy-duty, aluminum cartridge housing protects the Everpure filter
system from splitting or bursting. It's lined with a food-grade polymer that
prevents the water from coming in contact with the aluminum.
1. Water enters the top of the Everpure
filter cartridge, flows down through the
inlet tube and into the into the filter
2. Through our exclusive precoat process, Micro-Pure coats
the filter membrane throughout the life of the cartridge.
Water flows evenly and freely, even with changes in water

Micro-Pure a proprietary blend of very fine activated carbon called
Micro-Pure coats a unique pleated filter membrane
3. Incoming pressure forces the water through the layer
of Micro-Pure and through the filter membrane.

The openings in the Micro-Pure layer are so small that any
particle 1/2 micron ( 1/50,000 inch) or larger is removed.
4. Filtered water channels up through
the rigid grid structure of the filter
membrane and out of the system
5. Our chemical reduction filters have two stages.    
the   first stage is either a GAC bed or a carbon       
block on the bottom half.  The top half has the      
precoat stage.

Dual units will have the same two stages but in     
separate cartridges.
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