Kathy Brandt March 7, 2022

Taste of the water

"Well, My water is the best tasting. Thanks John"
Linda S Stiegler January 10, 2022

Clean Water

"We know John personally and him as a businessman for many years. He is courteous and friendly. We have had our water system for many years and you can really taste the difference between having a system and not. He knows exactly when you need to replace the filter, without you having to call him and when he comes to your house he tests the water over and over to make sure it is safe to drink. I would recommend Quality Filtration"
Jim N. January 10, 2022

Jim N. | 2022-01-07 13:59:15

"We have had an under the counter filter and a shower filter for over 15 years now. You can truly taste, smell and feel the difference in the quality of the water. John is very helpful and knowledgeable."
Anthony Vitali January 7, 2022

Anthony Vitali

"top notch service recommend to all"
John Stiegler January 7, 2022

John Stiegler

"been using for years always great service"