Water Treatment System Installations In Western New York

Need a new water treatment system at your property? Whether you’re looking to minimize hard water at your home or need better-tasting water at your business, Quality Filtration is the only name to call. Let us introduce you to a higher standard of clean and healthy water. Who doesn’t want better-tasting, cleaner water?

Water System Installation And Service

Our water filtration systems deliver contaminant-free water on demand. We install new water filtration systems at homes and businesses in western New York and the surrounding region, providing peace of mind with water that’s safe to drink.

  • Home systems: Looking to address the water quality and flow throughout your whole-house? Home systems reduce sediment, chlorine and other contaminants for fresher-tasting, safer water.
  • Patented Pre-coat Design: These advanced systems remove up to 95% of a wide range of contaminants in water through a multi-stage process.
  • Commercial – restaurant/office systems: When you need a commercial system to accommodate high water usage, we’re the only name to call. We set you up with a system that consistently provides great-tasting water for employees and guests.

After installation, we also provide ongoing service and maintenance whenever you need it. With decades of experience, we can tackle any type of repair problem that may occur, ensuring your system works exactly as it should for years to come. When you rely on us, you’ll have consistent, clean, healthy water. We promise you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Water Softener Systems

Water Treatment Systems And Service

If you’ve noticed drier, itchier skin; unpleasant residue on your dishes after washing; or scale build-up on plumbing fixtures, you need to invest in a new water treatment. We’re the experts in water treatment installation, serving residential and commercial customers throughout western New York. We can cure your hard water problems right away with the right equipment and treatment.

COMPARISON CHART according to NSF certification

Removes Everpure H-3 Cuno FM-3 Hydrotech Culligan notes additional
Asbestos NSF certified NO Not cert Yes/No* *Depends on the system
Chlorine NSF Class 1 NSF Class 1 Not cert NSF Class 1
Cysts NSF YES NSF YES Not cert NSF YES* *Depends on
YES YES Not cert YES
Iron 99.9% does not say does not say does not say (dns) well problem
Particulates Micron NSF cert .5m NSF/ *dns does not say NSF/ 1-5 * between .5 to 1micron NSF Classes 1-5
Lead NSF cert NSF cert Not cert * NSF cert *depends on system
Scale control YES NO NO * NO * *RO system yes for appliances
Sulphur 99.9% does not say does not say does not say well problem
Tastes & Odors YES Class 1 YES Not cert YES
Turbidity NSF Cert NSF Cert Not cert * NSF cert *depends on system
VOC,s NSF Cert NSF Cert Not cert * NSF cert *depends on system
Cartridge #/cost 1 118.00/yr 3 139.00/yr 4 149.00/yr *1-3 (??) *depends on system

Get Healthy, Better-Tasting Water Today!

Quality Filtration provides water filtration and water treatment installation and service for residential and commercial customers in and around western New York. Don’t wait to enjoy cleaner, healthier and better-tasting water—give us a call today at 716-444-3438.
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