Where do I start?  What do I look for?  What questions should I ask? What type
of       treatment system do I need?  The following sections should help guide you to
the     right product that you need!  IF not?, then give us a call or email us!

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In today's market place, there are numerous options for homes and business owners regarding how to
treat their water. A professional water purification and filtration company can educate you about
types of treatment systems and what’s best to suit your particular needs.  

There are several questions you should ask the treatment specialist.  The Specialist should also give
you all the pros and cons of each type of treatment!  This is something that we find most dealers don’t

Note: Be Careful; Don't buy on impulse or under pressure click to watch video  

Such as, Why not to use a water softener, if dry skin is the reason for getting a system! Why not to use
Reverse Osmosis, De-mineralized, De-ionizised, or Softened water
for drinking! The problem with
running absolute soft water through a home or business!

Companies should also educate consumers on how and where to look for a system and help you
compare the performance data sheets for each system. These are just a few of the ways a
professional water filtration company can help you determine what system will help you improve your
water supply.  Below are some helpful questions to help determine your needs.

In determining what type of treatment is needed for your water, a professional might consider the

* Do you have City water, Well water, or Lake water?
* How many people live in the home?
* What type of distribution system is used?
* Is it chlorinated?
* How hard is the water?
* What does the homeowner notice? Any tastes odors or smells?
* Any staining?
* What colors are the stains?
* What is the homeowner looking to accomplish when buying a water treatment system?
* Are they looking for a Drinking water system? Shower unit, or a home unit?
* Are they looking for benefits from a Filtration or Softening system?

Before purchasing a system, be sure to get all of your questions answered!

* Have all the claims the manufacturer, (and dealer) makes been tested and certified?
* Who uses the product today?
* How long has the company been in business?
* What type of maintenance is involved? *
* Look for only NSF certified products! **
* What warranty comes with the product?
* What type of service does the company offer?
* How much are the replacement filters or cartridges?
* How often do they need to be changed? * refer to note above and below!
* And finally, How much is the treatment system?

*NOTE: Filters and softeners Only perform
IF the maintenance schedule is followed as the manufacturer

**Why NSF? NSF certifies that the manufacturers claims are true and a host of other important factors.  
With well over 700 different types of manufacturers on the market, NSF levels the field so that you
can compare different brands by their performance.  New York State Law requires NSF certification,
(or their equal) IF the company's claims include health related issues. With over 700 manufacturers out
there only some 90 companies are certified! Go to
NSF.org to see their results.

If there are specific problems, then we would recommend a test.  Only through a certified lab
though.  Companies that perform tests on their own can, and do, conform the results to their specific
products.  Consumers are usually sold much more than they really need, or are undersold. They get too
much, overkill, or a system that does not do what’s really needed.

* NOTE: Many consumers will buy the inline or pour thru filters that break down in quality at a very
rapid rate.  They keep filters on way too long and start to put more back in the water instead of
removing the contaminants.  That’s why consumer reports say to change most filters twice as what’s
recommended by the manufacturer.

If the filter has a meter on it? Then change the filter/cartridge on the time period! Meters are good if
you use the gallon capacity up sooner than the time period.
If you go over the time, then you open up
the door for problems with any water system! If you don’t run water through it, the meter does not
move!  We have seen many cases where the filters are on way too long! All system are rated for a
gallon or a time period!

IMPORTANT Note: Fluoride is becomming a very hot topic now.  We recommend each of you
research it for yourselves and make up your own mind as to weather you want this in your drinking
water or not.  I will provide some links here for your reference.  PLEASE check this out for yourselves!


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